Your expert guide to suitcase packing

It’s the one part of the holiday we all dread…the luggage. It seems no matter how much effort you put into packing, something is always forgotten.

Here at BoxBetty, we have put together our top five tips to packing the perfect holiday suitcase, so you can spend less time stressing and more time relaxing!

Tip one: Create a list

This is tip number one because it’s the most important. We guarantee if you don’t make a list something will be forgotten. So start writing down everything you want to take in detail, and we mean everything: blue dress with yellow flowers, foundation, foundation brush, sunscreen, underwear etc. Keep this list on your phone for the weeks leading up to your trip, then every time you think of something you need to take, “I must remember my pink wedges for the beach bonfire,”  write down pink wedges (not just ‘shoes’) and you will be much less likely to leave them in the back of the closet at home.

Tip two: Plan out your holiday

Get organised and think ahead to some of the activities you have planned for the holiday. If you know you will be hiking, those pink wedges aren’t going to be much good. Does your hotel supply pool towels or do you need to bring your own? If you’re camping, it’s likely you will need torches for those night time toilet trips. Go through the itinerary for your trip and think about what you may need for each day (and don’t forget to add them to your list).

Tip three: Think diversity

One of the biggest problems people encounter when packing is the weight of their luggage. If you’re forced to leave half of your luggage at the airport due to over packing there isn’t going to be much point in that detailed list you created. A simple tip to solve the weight problem is packing items that can be used for several times. You don’t need three pairs shorts for one weekend away. Instead take the pair that matches multiple shirts you are taking. Or take a small purse of bright jewelry, which you can use to change up your looks. You can create a variety of different outfits out of the same clothes simply by mixing and matching.

Tip four: Shrink items

We don’t mean literally shrinking your products; we are talking only taking what you really need. Packing full bottles of shower gel and shampoo is going to take up a lot of your limited space. So get yourself some small travel containers and only pack the amount of product you will use. The BoxBetty Bon Voyage gift box contains the perfect size travel products, including The Laundress crease release and the carry on cocktail kit. They are the perfect size to slip into your bag without taking up hardly any space!

Tip Five: Double check

And then triple check! Read through your list and tick off what you have packed as you go along. It is also a good idea to have a second copy of important documents on you, such as your passport or travel insurance. This can save a lot of stress if documents are misplaced, and lets face it – it happens to all of us.

Last of all BoxBetty wishes you a safe trip, and don’t forget to share your pics with us!

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