5 Crazy And Totally Unique Online Gifts That You Never Even Knew Existed


Buying gifts online can range anywhere from your standard flower delivery service to paying someone to smash cream pies in their own face…yep, it’s a thing. You can also pay someone to scream loudly for 20 seconds, or cast a “double WHAMMY powerful love spell”, or pop two balloons in any way you want? (*Shudders*)

Strange as those online services may be, you can also get some pretty cool and completely unique gifts for your friends and loved ones online that are guaranteed to be unlike any other gift they have ever received.

1.  Wish them a Happy Birthday From Not Tom Cruise, Fiverr

Not Tom Cruise

(Photo credit: Not Tom Cruise, nottomcruise.com)

Evan Ferrante is not Tom Cruise”, but he is the best damn “Not Tom Cruise” we’ve ever seen! For the uninitiated, Fiverr is an online community where you can pay people to do…well, just about anything! As the name suggests, payment for gigs start at USD$5, but generally it costs more than that to get top gigs.

If you go onto fiverr and type in “Not Tom Cruise”, his gig to record a personalised greeting as Tom Cruise is the first one that pops up. Having used his service for a friend’s birthday, we guarantee that it’s one gift they’ll never forget. Even if you decide not to purchase the gig, just watching his videos is reward enough!

2.  Elite Singing Techniques, Udemy

Is your friend or partner the next voice of Australia? The “Elite Signing Techniques – Phase I” claims to be a step by step signing system proven to develop great technique and vocal mastery. Offering 86 lectures and videos, Eric Arceneaux, a professional vocal coach and recording artist, will train you through a series of lectures designed for beginners and teach you correct techniques and exercises to incorporate into daily practices. There’s a 30 day money back guarantee if the course doesn’t quite hit the mark and your friend is more into Coachella than Acapella. Simply head over to Udemy and type in, “Elite Signing Techniques – Phase I” for more details.

3.  Get Wine-Smart, Udemy

(Get Wine Smart, Udemy: udemy.com/get-wine-smart)

Know someone who wants to up their wine game? The “Get Wine-Smart” online course run by Professor Boyer through Udemy may just be the perfect gift. Pitched at beginner level, this course contains 29 lectures and 6.5 hours of video and promises to get you to, “master a structural approach to wine that allows you to build your wine knowledge for the rest of your life”. Now I ask you, does that sound like a good investment? Well, any course that allows you to drink and learn online at the same time is okay with us! You can find the course here: udemy.com/get-wine-smart/

4.  Write them a rap song, Rapper man, Fiverr

Perhaps it’s a milestone birthday, a big celebration or you simply want to avoid making a wedding speech? Head over to fiverr and type in, “Custom Rap Song” and find Rapper_man. He will write custom rap lyrics and record them on a professional rap beat. For extra money he will even upgrade the audio to a video with pictures, transitions and more. The best part? You will look completely thoughtful without doing hardly any of the work! Who’s the real slim shady?

5.  Get Creative, Fiverr

(Photo credit: Makemebark, Fiverr: fiverr.com/makemebark)

Know an artsy type? Makemebark will create your portrait in in banksy style graffiti on a wall. Not their style? No worries, Makemebark also does cool pop-art portraits. This is a really cool idea for a couple that just got engaged – you may just be able to solve their wedding invitation or wedding website woes! Head on over to fiverr and type in “Makemebark”.

Top tips: If you are going to start using Fiverr for cool gift ideas we recommend that you limit your search to Level Two and Top Rated Sellers and take extra care in reading the gigs and the reviews. It’s definitely a case of buyer beware.

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