Wedding Favours – so 1992? Think Again. These Fresh Gift Ideas Will Make Your Wedding Memorable

It’s already October. How did that even happen?! Guess what that also means? It’s officially open wedding season.

As the weather heats up, so too does the wedding industry. Each Saturday afternoon local parks are adorned with beautiful decorations and spotting vintage wedding cars is practically a sport.

Not to take the magic out of weddings, but ask any bride and she will tell you that wedding days are the culmination of a lot of hard work and seemingly endless decisions. Where will we have the reception? What kind of wedding dress do I want? Who will sit where? Do I need to buy my bridesmaid’s gifts? Do I need to give the guests welcome gifts or wedding favours?

Whether or not you choose to give gifts to your bridal party and guests, and how generous you want to be, often comes down to a question of money. Weddings are expensive and it may seem like a waste of money to spend it on favours for the guests when you are already providing meals and entertainment.

However, there is one very good reason you might want to pause and rethink this position – the very act of giving shows your guests your appreciation not only for celebrating your wedding day with you, but also for supporting you throughout your lives up to this point and beyond.

Weddings are not only expensive for the couple getting married, but they can also be expensive for guests – particularly if you’re having a destination wedding. From the engagement party to bridal showers, wedding presents and accommodation, your guests have invested both their time and money celebrating with you and it’s appropriate to show your appreciation for their continued support.

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, “Really? I’ve been to 4 weddings this year and each time I got a crappy trinket which I promptly threw out. What a waste of money”.

Guess what? I wholeheartedly agree.

As the owner of a gifting business this may seem like a pretty odd statement. But the truth is you should give thought to the practicality and meaning behind the gifts you are giving. After all, when was the last time you used the monogrammed ‘Kate & Dave’s Wedding Day, 4 October 2006’ shot glass?

Many couples are choosing to have less conventional weddings these days and by no means do your wedding favours need to be conventional (or boring, or useless). If you’re feeling adventurous, try these fresh takes on guest gifts:

1.  Forget the bomboniere, get a food truck

Alternatives to traditional wedding favours

(Image Credit: Tara Croser, Anderson’s Ice’s)

Who said a gift needs to be something they keep forever?

Food trucks are becoming a popular way for couples to start out or end the evening – and with good reason! A far cry from the dagwood dog or fairy floss stand, food trucks these days can be both sophisticated and fun. You may also be pleasantly surprised by just how affordable some are.

Instead of giving favours at the wedding, why not reward your guests with a nice cooling ice cream or ice block after a hot summer ceremony, or treat them to milk and cookies at the end of a long night? Keep it a surprise and announce it at just the right time.

Your guests will be truly thankful for such a practical gift. I should know…people still bring up the ice cream truck at our wedding 3 years on!

2.  Welcome!

If you’re having a destination wedding, consider giving your guests welcome gifts in place of wedding favours.

Welcome gifts can be practical and contain items like spring water, cocktail kits, fans, nibbles and disposable cameras. Or they can be more meaningful and focus on items that tell the story of how you met and fell in love – like your favourite snack foods, or an item representing where you went on your first date.

Telling your story through small items is a fun easy twist on the traditional wedding bomboniere and doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive.

For enquiries about custom gift boxes like the one above, contact: 

3.  Make it about them

Not to disparage the time honoured tradition of bride and groom monogrammed gifts, but let’s be honest, how many times do you really use an item with someone else’s name on it?

Instead of monogramming 100 stubby coolers with your names and wedding date, consider a more personalised touch and monogram your guests names instead.

Etsy is a wonderful marketplace to look for custom gifts, like these monogrammed soaps by Vice & Velvet or these custom made leather keychains by KatieKimStudio.

Your guests will appreciate their uniquely customed gifts and think of you every time they use them.

4.  Lose the heart shaped chocolates

(Photo: BoxBetty; New Farm Confectionery)

Once upon a time, little heart shaped chocolates wrapped in shiny foil matching the wedding colour scheme ruled as wedding favours. Perhaps you’ve been to some weddings where they still do?

Sad news. It’s well and truly time to ditch the cheap heart shaped chocolates in favour of something truly irresistible and a little more ‘adult’. Meet New Farm Confectionery.

Delightful, fresh, modern – and that’s just the packaging! Jodie from New Farm Confectionery uses the highest quality ingredients to create a sophisticated product that would look both elegant and delectable sitting at each wedding guest’s place setting.

Don’t expect them to survive the night though! Your guests won’t be able to resist.

5.  Make a statement

Channel the power of good and use your wedding favours to make a statement.

Australian brand Words With Heart produces high quality stationery that combines environmentally responsible production practices, funding for women’s and girls education projects, and words that empower.

Custom print your own special notebooks for your wedding guests or select from their wide range of designs, knowing that your guests will definitely use them and that each notebook funds 1 day of education for girls in the developing world. What an amazing gift!

BoxBetty proudly stocks Words With Heart notebooks as part of our Design Your Own range of gifts.

So when you’re planning your wedding favours, just remember that there are many different ways to show your appreciation beyond mere trinkets and monogrammed glasses.

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